Belleek Links Page


The Belleek Factory - This link is for the factory home page, which is pushing their "Belleek Living" range. 


For the Traditional Belleek that we know and love, it is better to follow this link on their website: 

As they say on the website:      Renowned for creativity, craftsmanship and expertise. A well known traditional brand loved by millions around the world.


The UK Belleek Collectors Group

I am a member of this group and it is really useful.  They hold regular meetings and publish a most interesting and readable magazine several times a year.  Their website is probably the most comprehensive and valuable Belleek website in the world!


Belleek International Collectors Society

Becoming a collector is completely free of charge if you follow this link to the Factory pages:

All members receive VIP status when visiting the Pottery. Among the many other benefits are:

  • Emailed communications directly from Belleek on Special offers and upcoming events.
  • Opportunities to purchase limited edition pieces, with Society red bottom stamp.
  • Opportunities to view and purchase many of Belleek's newest products before general market release.
  • Bi-annual tour to Belleek Pottery
  • Bi-annual Belleek convention
  • Local chapter information and meeting dates
  • Three issues of Belleek Collector magazine annually (online)
  • Access to back issues of the Collector's Magazine (on-line)
  • Message Board for all Members
  • Buy, sell, trade within membership